While The Final Mile is intended first and foremost to give New Yorkers opportunities to visit key sites within the city’s food system and experience them firsthand, much can be learned about this extensive network and the way that it impacts New Yorkers’ daily lives through videos, podcasts, and articles available online. To augment your experience of the series, we recommend the following resources:

  • Five Borough Farm
    This multi-year project, led by the Design Trust for Public Space, offers a roadmap to farmers and gardeners, City officials, and other stakeholders to understand and weigh the benefits of urban agriculture.
  • FoodWorks: A Vision to Improve NYC’s Food System
    The New York City Council’s November 2010 FoodWorks report is an extensive, detailed, and beautifully illustrated document that provides a broad overview of the current state of the city’s food system, and lays out policy recommendations for improving access to healthy food options.
  • How Food Shapes Our Cities
    Hungry City author Carolyn Steel’s 2009 TED Talk offers viewers a pithy, evocative look at how food systems and public markets have left their mark on the physical fabric of major cities over time.
  • How Great Cities Are Fed
    This Heritage Radio podcast series, produced and hosted by Karp Resources president Karen Karp, explores the contemporary New York City food system through the lens of Walter Hedden’s seminal 1929 publication of the same name—highlighting the fact that many of the problems that food systems experts are working to address today are in fact 21st century versions of the same dilemmas we faced almost a century ago.
  • NYC Food Metrics Reports
    Since 2012, the Office of the Director of Food Policy for New York City has released annual Food Metrics Reports that provide a “snapshot of data” that illustrate how various city agencies are working to address a wide variety of needs within the city’s food system.
  • Understanding New York City’s Food Supply
    This detailed study from the Columbia School of International & Public Affairs, released in Spring 2010, is helpful for readers looking to better understand the vast and complex system of places and spaces that make up New York’s food system, from the sprawling hub in Hunts Point, to the thousands of individual food-related businesses across the five boroughs.